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Freight Forwarder Europe

Tangram Logistic Services is the freight forwarder which organises your complete transport in Europe. With our complete network we are able to deliver in every European country, within and out the EU.

Grow thogether

We arange your international logistics, so you can focus on vitamin a salbe präparat your core-business. We believe if you really want to grow thrust your logistics, import and export to a reliable European freight forwarder.

Freight Forwarder Western Europe

With our headoffice in the region of Rotterdam and its harbour, Western Europe belongs to our homeland.  We are very famliar with the big European ports like Rotterdam and Antwerp. With our network we are able to deliver from door to door, without you spending your time on it.

Western European countries: the Netherlands – Belgium  – Ireland – United Kingdom – Germany  – Denmark – France – België – Luxembourg – Switzerland – Austria – Sweden – Norway – Finland

Freight Forwarding Eastern Europe

The amount of transports from zahnsalbe, zahnungsgel babys and to Eastern Europe is increasing fast. We as a freight forwarder always have the best solutions for your cargo with Eastern Eruope. Based on the needed speed of delivery and the budget we arange the most suitable modality. We are able to arange transport as a complete service including custom services and delivery from door to door.

The Eastern Europe Services: Poland – Czech Republic – Slovakia – Hungary – Serbia – Bulgaria – Rumania – Moldavia – Ukraine – Georgia – Bellarus  – Lithuania – Estonia – Latvia – Russia 

Freight Forwarding Southern Europe

As a freight forwarder for southern Europe we have many contacts, in everey country we have got several options. In this way we can arange your cargo quick and efficient in Southern Europe.

South-European countries: Spain – Italy – Greece – Portugal – Slovenia – Croatia – Bosnia and HerzegovinaMontenegro – Serbia – Albania – Macedonia – Cyprus – Malta – Turkey

The next step

Wherever you want to have aranged your cargo in Europe, Tangram is your Freight Forwarding Partner. With a full service including communication to all the stakeholder we enable you to take the next step.

Take the next step with us and contact us directly.


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